Upside Down Town

from by Sugar Free Allstars



“Everything’s different although it’s the same”

You don't always have to travel to get somewhere new, sometimes you just need to see things from a new angle to get a fresh perspective

Influences: The Wonders, Pink Floyd (w/ Syd Barrett), Lounge Music, 1960’s tour guides

Listen For: baritone saxophone, lyrical nod to Jimi Hendrix song


If you're feeling kind of low, there's a place you can go, it's called
Upside Down Town
It may seem a little strange, but if you need a change there is
Upside Down Town

Everything's different although it's the same
Topsy and turvy, a slight rearrange
Another perspective, a new point of view
It can be so good for you

It's not very far away, we can get there today, it's called
Upside Down Town
We don't need to take a car, just stay right where you are, to get to
Upside Down Town

You may be confused by the words that I say
How do we get there, what is the way
I tell you my friend it's as easy as pie
So come along and you'll see why

Attention ladies and gentleman we are now departing for upside down town
All passengers please proceed to place the top of your head on the ground
Using your arms for balance kick your legs in the air and hold them high
Congratulations ladies and gentleman, we have now arrived

Welcome to upside down town
Come on in and have a look around
If you cast your gaze upward you will see the ground
And everywhere trees are growing straight down
Now look below at beautiful blue skies
Flocks of birds flying by
Things are a bit different here you will find
W’s look like M’s and sixes like nines
But alas our time has come to an end
Come back soon and see us again

Now that you've been there I'm sure you'll agree
It's so interesting you won't want to leave
But you'll get a headache from staying too long
So keep your visit brief and move on

Upside Down Town (4x)


from Sugar Free Allstars, released April 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Sugar Free Allstars Oklahoma City

Sugar Free Allstars is a Grammy-featured, family funk super duo from OKC listed as one of Time magazine's top 12 family music acts in America. They blend elements of soul, R&B, disco, gospel and NOLA street parade music to provide a high energy rock show dance party experience best described as a funky, foot-stompin’, hand-clappin’, body movin’ & groovin’ dance-until-you-drop party for all ages! ... more

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