“You’ll get the whole seat but only need the edge”

If arena rock were a vehicle it would be a MONSTER TRUCK!

Influences: Deep Purple, MC5, 70's easy listening music, arena rock concerts

Listen For: vocal nods to Black Sabbath and AC/DC, mentions of the band Air Supply and the movie Beaches


Monster Truck, Monster Truck
Monster Truck, Monster Truck
Monster Truck

Oh yeah! Well come on!

Bright lights and a sold out crowd
It's hard to hear 'cause they're screamin' so loud
The air is electric, it may, overload
They call my name and pyrotechnics explode

Well drop the gear shift into low
We’ll punch the gas and it's time to go


All right now
Well can you listen?

Tearin' around the arena floor
We’re kicking up dirt like never seen before
Spinning tires that are six feet tall
Are rollin' over cars and crushing them all

Well unto you I make this pledge
You’ll get the whole seat but only need the edge


I love you

Well I know when you think about a monster truck, the first thing that comes to mind is a big, mean, aggressive vehicle that smashes stuff
Well let me tell you something about monster trucks, you may not know….

Well even monster trucks have a soft side (yes they do)
They like to listen to some Air Supply (yacht rock)
Strawberry pancakes for their breakfast (with whipped cream)
And when they watch sad movies, sometimes they start to cry (Beaches)

But the telephone rings and then
It’s back to work again.....

All right monster truckers, it’s time to put on our helmets
Now put the key in the ignition, and start your engines
Let’s all gaze out across the arena, at the ramp, in the middle
On the other side of that ramp, are forty buses
‘Cause we’re gonna try to jump over those forty buses
Do you think we can make it??
Well there’s only one way to find out
Put your hands on the wheel
Rev the motor one more time
And here we go!

Whoa we’re picking up speed
We’re over halfway to the ramp
We’re on the ramp
Now we’re in the air…

Whoa, we just made it over twenty buses
We just made it over thirty buses
Are we gonna make it over all forty of these buses??
Are we gonna make it???


Hold on everybody, we’re riding this truck like a wild bronco
(is that a Hyundai? How did that get in here?)

1, 2, 3!


Monster Truck yeah
Oh Monster Truck
Monster Truck, yeaaaahhhh
(for those about to Monster Truck, we salute you)


from Sugar Free Allstars, track released April 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Sugar Free Allstars Oklahoma City

Sugar Free Allstars is a Grammy-featured, family funk super duo from OKC listed as one of Time magazine's top 12 family music acts in America. They blend elements of soul, R&B, disco, gospel and NOLA street parade music to provide a high energy rock show dance party experience best described as a funky, foot-stompin’, hand-clappin’, body movin’ & groovin’ dance-until-you-drop party for all ages! ... more

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